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ASSASSINATION: Vincent de Sarthe, Founder of CollegeArtOnline and Sales Associate at Pascal de Sarthe Fine Art

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Photograph of Vincent de Sarthe. Courtesy of Facebook.
Screenshot of the home page of the CollegeArtOnline’s website. Courtesy of CollegeArtOnline.

Vincent de Sarthe, apart from being a close friend, was a gallery assistant at Tony Shafrazi Gallery out in Chelsea, New York when I met him at the front desk a few years ago. He would return back to Arizona to work in sales at his father’s gallery Pascal de Sarthe Fine Art. I would have not expected to work with him closely on CollegeArtOnline, which is an upstart online gallery website that offers top-notch student and graduate artists who produce work that challenges the imagination. This gallery offers emerging artists an opportunity to express their voices to a broader public.

Some of the artists seen at CollegeArtOnline include Mindy Kober, Annie Purpura, and Damian Stamer. All different styles and approaches to their own craftsmanship. An audience looks forward to the growing interest for affordable talent that will evolve into the future art stars of tomorrow.

If you have any questions about artwork at CollegeArtOnline, feel free to contact the space at or at (602) 318-8224. If you have any questions about artwork at Pascal de Sarthe Fine Art, feel free to contact the space at or at (480) 905-0806.

So on to the show and here are THE ART ASSASSIN’s latest details of this “assassination”:

qi peng; How did you have a chance to meet with your business partner Adam Rosepink and how did you get the idea for (CAO)? What is the business’ distinguished features that will separate your endeavor from other online galleries, specifically ones that feature collegiate art such as Ugallery?

Vincent de Sarthe: I came up with the idea of College Art Online when I saw the countless student artists and recent grads looking for a place to be shown while all along being rejected by galleries. While noticing that need I would see my friends decorate their homes with prints from stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Painted with Oils, Z Gallerie etc… and even paying high prices for these unoriginal works. The answer was pretty simple from there. I would have to match the artists with the soon to be art collectors. In essence bringing fine art to the masses.

Adam Rosepink when we met was my sister’s fiancé and is now my brother in law. I had asked him to be the director of the website and thankfully he agreed. He is also the head of sales at the Bentley Gallery which is one of the leading galleries in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I believe the main thing that will separate us from competing online galleries is that we have no limits. I believe in giving control to artists to post whatever work they like and as much as they like. To be honest art is about asking the question “what is art?” I honestly do not have the answer and must rely on the artists to address this question. If I were to restrict them then they would not have the chance to answer that question. All great artists broke the rules in the beginning before becoming accepted.

qi peng: Who are your favorite artists? How does personal taste enter into the curating for

Vincent de Sarthe: I can’t pick a favorite. They each bring something special to the site and the artworld. The site kind of curates itself in a way, it’s very organic.

qi peng: What are your experiences working within the contemporary art world, both primary and secondary markets?

Vincent de Sarthe: Working in the art world has taught me what to look for and who to show it to.

qi peng: Do you have any advice for recent art school graduates from either BFA or MFA programs? What are the barriers to entry for student artists to make it to the big leagues of the competitive art world?

Vincent de Sarthe: My best advice is; know people and get exposure. It’s sad to say but a majority of artists success is due to who they know. I good way to be recognized is to show your work and sell.  Your collectors will become your biggest fans and will promote your work for you.

qi peng: What are some of the future plans for and its future expansion? How will the website interact with both beginning and experienced collectors?

Vincent de Sarthe: We are currently working on a few additions to the website which will be finished early May. Here is a list of our additions:

– Guest curator virtual exhibitions.

– Press Page

– Personalized links to artist’s page. This will allow artists to send direct links to their profile page on College Art Online.

– Affiliate links. Exp. We will have a link to art supplies. when an artist purchases supplies from this link 12% of the sale will be put towards advertising for the site.

The great thing about our site is that we have all levels of artists. From art students who just got out of class to artists who are just about to show in galleries. This means that we can cater to a full range of collectors.

qi peng: What are some of the difficulties for online galleries to gain respect from art critics, such as the ones who write for the New York Times, ArtForum, ARTnews, Art in America, etc.? How will be able to align with being able to find artists who are going to be future Schnabels or Rosson Crows and discover their full potential?

Vincent de Sarthe: Let’s face it, things are changing. We are starting to work differently and with time it will become the norm. Until then it’s ok to be a little different and I am sure critics will appreciate the breath of fresh air.

qi peng: Will also focus on corporate and/or museum placement? Will its international reach be an advantage during the times of economic recession?

Vincent de Sarthe: Yes in the future and Yes right now!

qi peng: What is your dream physical exhibition space be like?

Vincent de Sarthe: When it comes to gallery space I am very traditional and prefer the white cube. I believe it is the best way to showcase the work, there should be little to no distractions. This can be seen in our website layout.

qi peng: What is the Scottsdale art market like? Is there competition and/or cooperation with other art markets, say, in New York City or Los Angeles?

Vincent de Sarthe: The Scottsdale art market is still very young in comparison to NY yet we still have some of the world’s greatest art hidden here in private collections. We see plenty of cooperation from NY as well as from LA.

qi peng: Do you think that economic recession has a strong impact on the way art is sold and viewed? If so, how?

Vincent de Sarthe: Yes, the economic recession is affecting us in two ways. 1, People are being much more careful with their money and in turn not purchasing art. 2, People who would usually spend a lot of money on art (expensive well known artists) are now looking for more affordable art (student artists / emerging artist) and focusing more on the love of art and their personal tastes rather than what the market has told them.

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May 14, 2009 at 2:16 am

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